of sadness and disappointment.

We lose many things in life, but the hardest are loved ones, a friend of mine lost her mother. When i met her in the evening, i said hi, she returned the gesture, but the pain was evident. Controlling just made it much more apparrent.

A little before was returning from work, a friend called me, she was feeling real down. someone in office spreading some rumours behind her back abt her and someone. Hmm the immediate fall out was her friend stopped talking to her. its the most evident one. She should have seen it coming. Hmm consoled her, guess i succeeded. She promised to call back. She didnt.

A little before this, there was some thing that happened at work. I wont share this here, but this one hit me. I knew it was coming. I had seen this when it was announced some time back. Well again. No discussion here on that.

Well that was a small flash back to today. its 11.58 pm. oops now 1 minute to the next day. Lets see what the new day holds. Over and out.

PS – I wanna read “the motorcycle diaries”

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