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Exams etc.

Whats with exams!!!!!

Oh am so screwed.

got my paper tomorrow and what can i say….10% prepared. Ok not that bad i guess. but i have legendary remembering qualities….thats sarcasm.

Anyways enuf of blog talk gotta head back to them books.

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360 Degrees of Inner Turbulence.

They say when you ur moving away from smething, that u just lost, retreat dont walk around looking for things, they might just come back..Ok that was a lousy metaphor but i dont have nothing now.

Some time back, i thought of moving away, not worth it. I promised meselfu that i would take major plans to do the same, albeit i lost out somewhere along the way. And as happens when i dont do things like this yesterday ma mind and ma brain thought of blasting out on me.

Round 1

My mind suddenly outta outta the blue, ran into my brain. Ma brain just didnt have the answer so just backed out. Yesterday i went to sleep a restless man. What should i do, how do i convince abt my love for her

Sometime back when i was talking to a friend of mine on a related topic ma friend mneitoned abt “the alchemist”. The narrater mentiones at one point, a more ad lib here…but somewot like below..if you want something real badm then the universe conspires with you to get it. I wondered did i not want her so bad then i might not have wanted her so bad. But i so did. Coudnt the universe not see it. Maybe i just didnt show it. I stood a mindless man in the train while coming back. Maybe the people didnt see the turbulence whirling thru ma head my eyes seemed to be stationey across outside the door, the distance running away, ma eyes were seeing something else. They were lovestruck again. My brain was trying desperate attempts at reason, but i guess failed due to speed at what ma mind came at it.

My brain sayd havent some of ma close friends told me to move on, it aint worth it. It seemed like a logical comeback. fight emotion with reason. My mind though had other ideas. Its reply

“They all found their love, didnt they, would they understand your mind, your reason


Day 1 belonged to ma mind. Among the victory declarations my mind suggested i go for it one last time, give it a month and half. Make an attempt to prove to the universe how bad it was for you, maybe then the universe will conspire on my behalf.

As i tell everyone when in grave thinking spree, sleep n it for a while.

Day 2 Round 2

Was travelling back from work, a little idleness in the train, it was crowded while coming back so sleeping was not an option i had. My brain, fresh and re grouped again came back with all guns blazing.

Brain – Why do you think she might still have something for you.
Mind – Dnt know!

Brain – Didnt she tell you she culdnt make a decision for 2 long years
Mind – Yes

Brain – Ddint she ask you to move on
Mind – Yes

Brain – Has she shown you any hint of ..
Mind – No

Brain – Arent u really different
Mind – Yes

Brain – Didnt u also tell her in your last attempt that if she sayd no, he would just have no choice and wud move on.
Mind – Yes

Then whats stopping ya….

Ma mind didnt seem to have an answer.

It seemed to get quiet. My station came. I got down. It seemed to be over. I had been staring so long i guess my gaze hurt. I was looking at nothing really.

I got down walked a few steps.

Mind – Imagine you like a person more than the world, but i would be ok for her to move on and go ahead an marry someone she didnt know but hope to love and hope he did likewise rather than look back and go to the one who loved her and continue doing so.

Brain freeze.

360 Degrees of one super turbulence.

……coming up

Green, Red and Blue

Green, Red and Blue, originally uploaded by maruchan313.

Another of an amazing shot on flickr….

My Mind….

Al Sahara

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Sex sells and whose not buying…..

This happened some time back.

We were discussing something really not important, then suddenly out of the blue this sentence came up. the way it was put was some what different and am quoting just ad lib out here. Since the discussion was among guys there was more room for words which we dont use in front of our female friends.

Well its not earth shattering but yeah, sex sells, it sells damm well in fact,  check the oldest profession in the world and you will be surprised.

Theres nothing much to write abt this. It was a long conversation lotsa words but it stays there, there verdict just be quoted thats all i can say.

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belong to the Flock.

Well got a new browser today, had read about this one some days back on flickr. Didnt really bother. But today had some free time so got it.

Pretty good by the looks of it. Seems good i must say.Get Flock

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The answer lies within.

One of the best songs ever heard.

of sadness and disappointment.

We lose many things in life, but the hardest are loved ones, a friend of mine lost her mother. When i met her in the evening, i said hi, she returned the gesture, but the pain was evident. Controlling just made it much more apparrent.

A little before was returning from work, a friend called me, she was feeling real down. someone in office spreading some rumours behind her back abt her and someone. Hmm the immediate fall out was her friend stopped talking to her. its the most evident one. She should have seen it coming. Hmm consoled her, guess i succeeded. She promised to call back. She didnt.

A little before this, there was some thing that happened at work. I wont share this here, but this one hit me. I knew it was coming. I had seen this when it was announced some time back. Well again. No discussion here on that.

Well that was a small flash back to today. its 11.58 pm. oops now 1 minute to the next day. Lets see what the new day holds. Over and out.

PS – I wanna read “the motorcycle diaries”

The Wonder Years

Promo for “The Wonder Years”
Couldnt get it word to word but from what i got.

When we are small we are an athelete, Studious, cool, losers (totally mashed up here)
When we get older, it like losing, it one every some time.

and then we regret losing this one thing.
The one thing that we really wanted,
it was just we were too afraid.

Its funny but the no of times this program brings me back to reality……………………………………………………too many times to count.