of flashbacks and more.

I went to see a movie today with a friend. Since she was running late was hanging out @ the Metro. I was already 6.30 so she was like anyways running late. Was getting a lil pissed off a lil cuz i dont like late comers. But she had a legitamate excuse making me more pissed cuz i couldnt get pissed 😉

Then i saw her, came running parrellel to the barricade, then uttered, crap…its not open this way and had to run to the other side. She looked at the Movie listing, ran to the counter. “No Reservations, ticket for one pls”. She was looking good. Dressed in white and blue jeans she had a definate undertone in her move. She definately didnt see the movie alone i guess. But she was just going to watch the movie alone, couldnt i see it.

Then flashback, wasnt i something like this. Wasnt me in college been to countless such movies to sterling, Regal, New Empire. Before these multiplexes came became new folks came. I used to movies alone. Now i dont. Why i wondered. What was new now. I didnt have to wait. Dint have to decide. The movie was mine when i wanted it. The town was great. I must have sat on those steps of Sterling Theatre like so many times i just might add them up to some days. But i loved those days. Was single then, am single now but i was more my own person.

Then i remember my cell was dead. Ding another flash back.

When was the last time i called from a pay phone, guess early 2004. I got ma first cell in around april 2004. I knew the payhphones in town. Lol not really but i knew a few. I knew when to call and i knew the numbers by heart.

Then the cellphone happened and numbers got stored in the cell rather than then the head. So when ma cell was on it last leg(s) made a note of me numbers on me hand. then tried finding a pay phone. Omg looked around. Wondered if there was any. Then knocked me head. Almost 80+ % f junta dont have a cell phone. They either use a home phone or a payphone. then looked around found 2.

Current Mood – Nostaligic
Current Song – Chasing Cars/Snow Patrol (thats what going on on VH1)

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  • Sam  On October 1, 2007 at 9:49 pm

    i’ve stopped after 7. that many times i read this post and loved it every time. brings back many superb memories! thank u Zack…

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