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Every day i surprise myself with ma own laziness.

Every day i surprise myself with ma own laziness.

RATM – Guerrilla Radio

Outro lyrics from the song…

It has to start somewhere It has to start sometime
What better place than here, what better time than now?

Complete Lyrics|RATM – Guerrilla Radio

i hate

..the LEFT for screwing or trying to screw the country’s good for a freaking useles idealo

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Spewing out.

Celebrated the 60 years to indie. Was really partiotic and all. Didnt do anything just felt patriotic thats all.

Went to church today. Reached on time actually.

Around 5 indian kids die of malnutrition every minute. Thats a scary statistic i must say. But we have an ever increasing population. Statistically we still have more additions than deletions. Humanistically we are downright numbnuts.

We have the sensex, real estate adn everything moving up. Salaries are going through the roof (for the CEO’s that is). But the salaries of the poor aint rising. In fact with the inflation on they have never caught up.

Todays Mumbai Mirror screamed abt the 3750 cr that the PM had given the CM for the farmers. The farmers are dead the money in someone else pocket.

I cant take this non sense no more.

Happy 60th Independence Day

Happy indie day to ya all and to me country. We turned 60 today. Awesome. Here am sitting and hearing this amazing national anthem being sung by some real great folks.

Are we really free. When was it that u did something that spoke about ur freedom. When was the last time u thought u were free. When was the last time u said something that showed ur freedom. When did u move or walk and htought it showed ur freedom of travel.

When was it that u did somethin that showed ur 7 freedoms granted by the contitution.

the only people who are free are the politicos and untill they are free we cant be free.

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Test update

Blooddy ….

they installed dish tv at my place. the bloke who installed it says that i have to pay xtra for another STB…i was like WTF fucking TV an i need to pay friggin extra for another STB box. He says sir, will fit another TV for you for free..butit will play only what this plays..sayd FO…

Well me got a new project……..