Relationships : Single or Not

I hear this comment a lot many times from friends or others who have a committed status, ” am a free bird,i ride on the wind”. I dont understand this, are you trying to act single when ur not, or u telling that although u say ur committed u prefer to be called single. I dont get it so if someone willing to tell me what it means. I am happy wid my single status but i would still give it a shot at a relationship.

Well whatever they think, i cant help it, but can wonder cuz if they so say that they are single then why not be it. Do u have to make such a big fuss over it, or still worse are u just staying in a relationship cuz u have to ….. just a peace of mind thing.your life not mine but stop fooling urself and ur partner.

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  • Sam  On June 5, 2007 at 10:32 pm

    How abt ppl who are still hung up on the past??? How abt those who say they are over it but are actually making life miserable for ppl around them by talking abt their ex’s???? Worse still comparing their ex’s with one n all!!!!

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