Monthly Archives: May 2007

Last day of the first year

It was final day of presentations, and dey got over at 8.30 pm…hurray we didnt like run out nd jump like we used to do at the end of the year in school, but the exictement was no less. There was this dinner organised and it looked like bunch of young execs going for a dinner after a good meeting. All dressed in attire and all.

Strange though a year passed, just as i remember a year back was wondering why i didnt get an admission, my first year is finished, waiting for the results though so technically first year isnt over.

Fun though, work then run to class, reach late wonder what was taught whts the link, what i missed, then wondering wht the heck

Ah…misal pav…..

Waiting for next year. promised myself will bring books first thing…lets see.. think hve made this promise like wow many many times lolzzeee


Ah! the cellphone

Was watchin the movie “Metro” the other day and saw a scene where the theatre actor walks away because there is one arse who dosent want to keep his cell on silent mode.

Saturday was at an accenture conference sme bloke just couldnt stop talking while someone with 17 years exp was presenting. How stupid, lame and fucking irritating.

the maggots or the worms

Some days back i saw an ad saying how the govt had some laudable things over the last few years. The opposition came with a counter saying what a lousy job they did. So damm true. I so friggen aggree. but would the opposition have done a better job. Hell now. That where the title comes from. Choose the maggots or the worms.

Both ways they gonna rot everything they touch.

such pure trash.

Long time and me watching TV, since my stupid comp wont come alive and i had to send it for some surgery. Well ended up watchin this review show on ibnlive. Generally dont like channels but this one was too rocking. Someone calle Masand ripping off to shreds a bollywood movie. It was soo funny. Also downrite insulting. he he but like it cause the movie deserved such one..he called tanushree dutta – thunder thighs…hahah too good.