I am genarally not in the mood to discuss morality, nationalism. These are open private topic subject to ones own interpretation and to be kept to themselves. They are not public displayes of Affections ..hehe not that PDA.. lolzz.

Lately i hear people having issues with infosys chairman and some other shit. Damm morons. I say working hard and making higher productivity, increasion per captia nat income and creation of a level playin field for everyone is much better need of the hour than a nationalism showoff.

My countrymen are dying of scarcity of water, food. Rather than bickering on some stoopid Cake and singing or not singing of the national anthem, could these people go and work for the brothers to pull some water, or you go to the fields and work for a day. Well that would be nationalism from the heart and then i would go ahead an believe that these guys are truer indians and me.

Stop you holier than thou attitude, thing is u dont even know how to show it. Tired tired Tired..uffff

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