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Havent seen a movie for like eons now. ok like i saw apocalypto some weeks back. but considering my earlier movie watching times, this has been a lean period for me.

hmm thinking when these exams will get over, then will get into the groove to watch all the movies.



I am genarally not in the mood to discuss morality, nationalism. These are open private topic subject to ones own interpretation and to be kept to themselves. They are not public displayes of Affections ..hehe not that PDA.. lolzz.

Lately i hear people having issues with infosys chairman and some other shit. Damm morons. I say working hard and making higher productivity, increasion per captia nat income and creation of a level playin field for everyone is much better need of the hour than a nationalism showoff.

My countrymen are dying of scarcity of water, food. Rather than bickering on some stoopid Cake and singing or not singing of the national anthem, could these people go and work for the brothers to pull some water, or you go to the fields and work for a day. Well that would be nationalism from the heart and then i would go ahead an believe that these guys are truer indians and me.

Stop you holier than thou attitude, thing is u dont even know how to show it. Tired tired Tired..uffff

Exam fever

Exams due in 2 weeks, man never been so unprepared. Ok i have been but not like this. Gosh have it been so rash and stupid. see everyone working so hard and all and its freaking me out. And it more that i am being Cavalier about it. Who am i kidding. If not now say goodbye to this year.

Ok guess heres the plan

1)First get a damm timetable.
2)make a study timetable…(will i stick to it …most probably not)

all the best to me

Man Utd Win Win Win Win..omfg they win

awesome was not the word i can use, i need a better word. Stupendous alright maybe that talks of the superlative performance of Man U. Yesterday. Another wonder i actually succeeded for the most part to watch the match.

around 10 mins first shot by Roma….whizzed passed van der sar. Me started cursing,,.,,few minutes after that, Carri ck

  • scored…exhilaration.

    Read More here{B4CEE8FA-9A47-47BC-B069-3F7A2F35DB70}&newsid=418480

  • Champions Liga – Manchester Utd Vs Roma

    Go the Reds..Win this one today.

    Well its an away match today. Hope they win.

    Its been a long time that i have seen a match. good ole times when i sat till like 3 watching a match and if it was against juventus then call certain people and tell him how juve stinked and how man u was a better team.

    Go giggs, scholes and the very own baby face skolsjaer.

    Year end Blues

    Ahoy! its the year end, and every wheel worth turning is being turned to get the work done to ensure that the transistor is smooth

    Its my first year end. Not in work exp, but in seeing the year end as it happens on the system. Its amazing and downright mind numbing.

    Anyways a lot weekend in front of me, and i hope i don’t have to go to work right in the middle of it.

    Everything needs a state of rest and tis weekend i hope to do that ,,,

    eagerly awaiting the party on Easter Sunday eve.

    Liquid Tension Experiment.

    i dont know but this happened a couple of days back don’t remember my loss of memory of short term is legendary. Anyways wanted to desperately download dreamtheatre somehow couldnt. Well fuck that. today managed to read something about their history. Now i know about dream theatre i found them in Kiran’s tape drawer many years back.

    ( kiran is instrumental in getting me educated in many things and the history of rock /metal)

    Anyways, discovered Liquid tension experiment and it ripped thru my head. Three Minutes warning is still on Winamp but around 15 minutes have passed into a enormously long dream theatre inspired musica…….

    Got both the albums from the lan..

    Read About LTE

    Listening to – Liquid T Exp – chris and Kevin excellent Adventure.