Monthly Archives: March 2007


Well have been away for a while, been lazy a little tired, and frankly lost.

but i hope to be more regular in emptying my head out here or at least more than what i did earlier. the politic me is waking up again so expect some words from me.


Untitled – another one

the tears keep falling to drain out the pain
beneath the fires of hate are burning
you were a fool to make the rivers
now ur one again to think the fires will fade away.

behind you the shadow follows
watching every move you make
waiting for that mistake, the last one…
next thing, you will be on ur parting breath
you started the fight, it bore your pain
its back again, yet amazingly cold

i see the sweat on ur face,
just as you had seen in mine
the hate in your eyes was mirrored
by the hurt in mine
the tables changed, weren’t you watching
the seeds u did sow
the fruits u now bear

the dream goes awry

i woke up in he morning with thoughts all good. It was a new day and new beginning of sort.

Its evening now and its broken down to pieces. I so hope its wrong