Insane Musings #2

Well post Rubin’s wedding i have been thinking a lot. (not good) which is why you see insane musings #2. This happens sometimes. The doors open and out comes a lot of thought (read crap).

Thought 1
Anyways, am reading this book, GOAL by Goldratt. The question there is “why are we in the business for” or something on the same lines. While walking back from college it made me think. What is my goal. What am i doing the things i do. Are they directed at the goal? Are they taking me towards the goal or away from it.

Do i really need to have a goal in the first place. Why cant i just fly like the breeze go where it takes me? Like a vagabound. Like Mettalica says. Wherever i may roam, where i lay my head is home.

Why cant i. The eternal battle of the mind and the heart is fought inside of me

Thought 2

As i walked back just before the CST subway saw a girl taking a pic of the Central Railway HQ. Was like why is she taking the pic? Realised damm its an amazing monument. She has the pic and i don’t. Why? Do i take my city for granted. If tomorrow this is all gone, what would i have to show me the city. Nothing and she would have the pic.

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  • Blue Ink  On February 26, 2007 at 12:12 pm

    Woah !! Lucky girl , atleast she would have the pic 🙂
    So u mean to say , ure unlucky cuz u dun have that pic … wats happened to u ???

    BTW What’s ure goal ?

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