Insane Musings #1

No title for the post today….. same as usual.

Well Rubin got married yesterday so was cool, went to his wedding man. it was great. Small crowd yeah that was neat. You can manage them better.

So like 3 of them are now married that leaves 4 of us remaining. funny all the rest wanna be no 4 on that “next to bite the dust” list. No body want to jump…he he we all satisfied being last on that list…

This got me thinking…well not really this but a mixture of different thoughts and this.

Time really flies. Before you wink man years have rushed away like the breeze on ya face. I remember we be in college like a few years back. we thought hell man theres time to grow up like we will wait for like 25 to come maybe then we will grow up. Am 25 now am wondering where did that time go. Am still wondering how much did i grow……trying to buy time. there ain’t though. Another 5 years will go in a jiffy. Staring a whole different world now….

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  • Ramya  On February 24, 2007 at 2:14 pm

    25 years?? u cant get the last 5 mins of ur life back!! just live ur life to the fullest n without any regrets!!!!

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