Monthly Archives: December 2006

New years ………………..flash back and new plans

Yippee another reason to party. Its the end of the year again. Partying at Karjat this time at a friends place.

Well, anyways lets take a flashback to the year.

  • New Job
  • Got into MBA School
  • Fell outta love.
  • Planned to get a car didnt get that
  • Completed my long overdue drivers training.
  • Passed my Masters

All in all think year was that great, good times galore and rocked round the clock.Hope to do that same next year

hmm time for new year wishes.

  • Get an Ipod
  • new Music Speakers
  • Read more books and watch World Cinema.
  • Finish Semester 2 and 3 with Flying colors
  • Perform exceptionally well at work and get a big fat pay check
  • Target – Sr Manager Position by April 2008

Search for the dingiest bar #3

Currently we on a mission. We are in the search of the dingiest bar in town. Lol the people in search of Love, Food etc, we are in the search of the worst lolz.

And lo behold there are many. We went to this place nearby. After a ride of like 15 mins we found it.

Place was small, but hey they had an upper floor which was an open air wid a big asbestos roof on top. For lightin there was wow one bulb for like 500 sq feet. Now thats energy efficient.

Food was like nothing to talk about. The rest was alright

Rating – 4/10

Song of the moment – Deep Purple – Highway star.

Late to work

i came late cuz i left late yesterday

Now where have you heard before, if you are a manager perharps one of your subourdinates used it before, hell i used it before as well(i regret the use of it though, no excuses though). When you hear it first time you kinda rule it as a one of thingie, then it starts to get wierd when the thing comes again and again from people, hey i cant make to work early cuz i left late yesterday

First time its geniune, the more time it happens the more it sounds a case of bad time management

here without you

Its another christmas coming, and i miss her. Was listening to Def Leppard’s “have you ever needed someone so bad” and was like dang, songs talking about me.

Looks kiddish i know, i know she doesn’t have the same feelings for me and yeah there are lotta fish in da sea, and yeah time to move on, but only if that was so easy

Preaching is easier than Practising they say. Had long made up me mind to move on, and i try that everyday and everyday i fail. Evening comes and i keep my head busy cuz in this season my mind goes to her.

What a dummas am I?

catching time

Am i the only one in this world who think we dont have time to things. Gosh 24 seems to be so little time to do things. Last year i promised myself, would have some more time to myself where i could read, write some crappy but some stuff on music. The ideas are all there, there aint the time.

Time mgmt. didnt i like go for that training. Yet learning that seems so easy yet doing the same looks so damm difficult. I make this thing to do list at work. Works almost most of the time. Results vary but what the heck there are results.

What do u do for personal Life. Doing a thing to do seldom works. Havent read a book in some time a cool book that is. How do you say NO to many things you dont want to do and YES to things you wanna do.

So many things to do and so little time. Can someone move the clock to 48hrs a day keeping a status quo on current activities.

Song for the moment – Pink Floyd Time