Monthly Archives: November 2006

Statues of Violence.

I fucking dont understand what incites people to burn public property… and tat too for maybe some so called desecration of some statue…

Oh the dead are more worthy than the many living…..

i didnt know this . fucking morons ..

It was like a nightmare coming home from office.

Change trains.. look for transport…fucking nonsense. Anybody has a problem with this.. fuck offf


Virus Attack

Got a hit from a new virus in town.

Got a link on Y! from a friend and clicked it. I asked if it was from her and she said no. I knew i was in trouble. Then my firewall says some programs need perm to access. I said NO ….. too late
  1. Start ->Run option blocked says no perm to run
  2. Task Manager blocked .. no perm to run
  3. IE home page set to something else. cannot edit, blacked out.

The med for this infection is from the ole time fav. Hijackthis and Spybot Search and Destroy. you will need both of these and some tech knowledge to figure which ones to remove, but here is the list of things

  1. You need to find the file for this infection. You will know with a lil R&D
  2. Spybot will help ya find the other culprit if possible.

Got em and friend the damm virus’s ass to the netherworld where it might wanna Rust in pieces.

e-serve(d) bad to citi

If you wanna give an example of a how money was wasted on a lousy ad, here it is

Watch the eserve now changed to citigroup global services………

Like i care!!!!

but whateva the ad could have been made a thousand times better. Lossen up ur wallets citi …chindi chors… and make some good ads
Well, if its like a really expensive AD then lolz get a new advertising company, this ones rippin ya off


Here is a nice way to says Peta(ls)
P – People
E – Eat
T – Tasty
ALS – Animals