Ironical views

The last two weeks have like been 2 completly opposite weeks of my life. The first started with such optimism and feel good factor. This had nothng to do with me picking up a new job and that that the weekend was gonna be the last day @ my old place. It was kinda like maybe i was starting to like someone. Its been some time since i have felt that before. I wanted to like grab a bunch of flowers go up to her house and wish her a good morning every day. It wasnt doable but whatz the problem in thinking.

Push forward for the next week, the optimism died and a sense of not knowing whatz gonna happen next started. The whole weeks gone with that sense of pessimism. Will that text come today, will that call come today. when it came i was like cool, exicted when it didnt i became sad. offcourse i am a guy, am not supposed to show my hurt right so am not showing. Pull my chest up and stand up like a man was what da phy ed prof told in school. I am following that. Well guess thinking, when its too good to be true guess it aint.

They say i think too much, wait dont i tell that to everyone around me when they are going thru a bad phase like dude, it aint that bad as u think it is….should i be thinking i making a hill of a small hole…………………………….. only time know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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