Monthly Archives: August 2006

Dreams Inc..

I dont really dream, meaning i guess i dont really remember my dreams when i wake up so i dont know if i dream or not. this is one of the few times i have ever woken up during a dream and remembered it atleast partly. I am claustrophoic so therefore i cant speeds and heights..god know how i got used to going 10 floors in the elavator at work

Anyways the dream was –

i was walking to te ledge of a tall bldg and i suddenly turned to a bird. dont know if it was a kite or a crow.or anyting else but it was a bird of prey. As i jumped off the ledge i felt the adrelaline rush as i do when the lift pulls off to the 10th floor. i flew for a few seconds then woke up..

What was going on in my head i wonder