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Good one – > Manmohan singh and George Bush

Manmohan Singh to Bush – We are sending Indians to the moon next year. 
Bush – Wow! How Many? 
Manmohan Singh  – Total 100 ;
25 – OBC 
25 – SC 

20 – ST 
5 – Handicapped 

5 – Sports Persons 
5 – Terrorist Affected
5 – Kashmiri Migrants 

9 – Politicians 

and if possible 

1 – Astronaut  

Yeh Din bhi ayeega

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Yeh Din Ayega……

Its going crazy season again. Am out my exams peri…

Its going crazy season again. Am out my exams period and man it feels nice to be free. I am not gonna achive anything in those exams and am not bothered to give it since am a lousy person to clear em.

Listening to free and thats how my life seems to be free fallin..straight into nowhere. The song has changed to Best of Dave Grohl band after nirvana Foo Fighter

Has someone taking your faith
its real, the pain you must feel
you trust you must confess
Is someone getting the best
the best, the best of you.

Best of you – Foo Fighters