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Another RESERVE talk

Hey Politico,
What say abt u say u want reservation in my life too.. I am from general category. You have reservation in public sector industries. You want reservation in Central Universities and now in Private sector too. So its a good oppurtunity and ask the same in my life too.


Lets RESERVE some more.

Another rotten step by a arse face…and inept government to have 27% reservation in all central universities. Making life miserable for general category students is a favorite passtime for the back bending politicians. Towed by rising minority parties they have learnt that doing this would make the electorate (read reserved category) very happy and vote for them

My question is would you want your universities to be filled 50% wit people who dont secure enough marks but get thru cause they are from a particular caste. Are you telling the students of the class that 50% of the batchmates could be those whose probably didnt deserve the seat but got in. What are telling students who didnt get in becuase they missed the mark by a few points of a percentage..that they could have got in only that some other students who got less than them got in becuase of beloging to a particular caste..why.. The government should answer to those questions to the students.

Do these students actually have it in them to go ahead and finish the course. Do they really wannna do that course. Are they really interested.

Is the government trying to get the lower caste up in the educational system or trying to make discrimation worse by making people of the general category aware of they are not good enough since they are not of a particular caste. Surely this move is going for the later and can only make discrimiation worse.

As days go i guess some time later some universitis will be 100% backward caste and then there will be reservations for the general category people. Howwzaat.!!!!

Iam finding it hard to believe this is happening. I wondered about brain drain and sometime back was also saying that people should not go to other places to work after studying in india. People should give back to the nation. Why should they the government is not worried about them at all. I have changed my stance. I would prefer now to send some dollars and send my kid / Myself for that matter outside the country to get educated when i know that what ever and howmuch so ever i study i have to not be competitive enough on merit i wud still lose on caste. I cant make my self or anyone i know go thru the agony of seeing they not making the mark not because they didnt have the marks but because they didnt have the required caste.