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Years ago (3) me and Ram wanted to form a band. We just wanted to jam maybe play at a concert or too.. Pressure, moolah..and some lack of will power and commitment blew it of as a dream

We wanna do it once again…maybe this time just jam for the heck of it..may be this goes somewhere maybe it wont …

So inviting heads to join,,No promises..heck i dont think i play the guitar well maybe a few songs here and there…..mail me @ if interested.


of Headsets and all…….

A decade back if ya were ever seen on the road or someplace talking in da air or like to no one in particular .. folks would label ya to eligible to a mental institution kinda.. now a days the same thing happens seen folks smiling taking , yelling .. to no one in the whole junta just gone crazy…Na ahh just the headset that they are wearing..connected to the mobile..talking away to glory and all.

Wired, wireless, bluetooth.. etall are used to converse without the need to keep the damm phone to you year..

Chances are when you say hi to a person, you think they are talkin to you or just maybe to someone else on da phone…how does it feel then…

This one’s written by a close pal of mine Rama. A …

This one’s written by a close pal of mine Rama. A avid songwritter with whom there was once a wish to form a band. He penned this amazing one some time back here. it is

When you are not around,
I feel incomplete,
Like a Soul out of a Body,
Like a Fish out of Water.

I miss you in every breath i take,
You are next to me when i close my eyes,
You are with me when i open them,
I can feel you around every moment.

Your laughter,your Smile,
That innocence in your eyes,
The Hidden words,
The Warmth of your Arms.

Happiness is what you give me,
You make me feel new,
When i see you i forget everythin’
All my troubles are reduced to few.

Wanna spend the rest of my life with you,
Keep you happy , smilin and love you all the time,
Want to play pranks even when we are 50,
Die a day before you so that
i dont have to spend a day without you.

Copyright:Rama – >

End of the Chapter.!!!!!!!

Is this the end of this part of the chapter. Did it have to go out so fast. Frankly i thought this would never end, maybe this would just work out as it always did, maybe still there is the time but the signs point the other way.

Cherish, i will forever this. Sure would have loved this to go another way, the way i thought it should have gone, but as always fate and emotion have turned away. Whats sad is probably you wanted this to go my way, then why didnt it happen. Too many questions, maybe no answers but the result sure is

It hasnt moved since last year. I find myself in the same position as last year. A lot of things have chnaged for the better but not this. Status quo is maintained.

Should i wait for some more time!!!!!!