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All quiet b4 Valentine’s Day

Self proclaimed moralists of the society where art thou? Valentines day is this week and we cant see your presense. Why arent ya breaking and vandalising in the name of love? Or have ya found a new obsession of your ass filled brain!!!!

What will happen now tat ur gone…Well every thing good.

As the years pass we go behind in years. There are some who think that their version of life is the best and it would best if others just followed them blindly. So if you re found talking to ur bf or gf on valentines day (mind you only this day) thou need to be hounded. Methinks what are they doing all the other days..maybe keeping their pent up anger.

This topic is so passe that talking about this reminds me dont i have anything else to write.


Lost and found

Thought i had lost my ealier blog forever..cruel for thta is the one i started writing from. For people who thought i started bloggin from eclerx onwards well i didnt i started way before at my stint at CG.

Thanks a ton shru for sending the link…your are such a sweetheart 😉

My old blog can be accessed at NOTHINGMAN

This has a lot of insights from the dark side of me..