Lost Thread

I thought today that i would link my old blogs to this, so i went to Rediff Blogs. Then i remembered that i had forgotten the link..Dammit how could i be stupid..Wait is it ..no damm..then hey ..rediff seems to have removed all links to these blogs and guess wot rediff has removed my account form from their mail too. How could they also there is no link from the main page to the blog page or i must have missed it..

I rememered another blog of mine cuz it was a short one..Stop the Machines.

Am lost now..a piece of my life has just been robbed. This part of my life when i was part of Crompton Greaves. Almost all the post were done from the small pc the i was given with a slow internet space..(2003)

If ya rememeber the lin pls drop me a link.

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