Long Dilemma

When i started keeping a blog that is way in the ole days of rediffblogs i had this urge to be this person who would write all about the issues with the government and the darn bureaucracy and all the ills wth the soceity. It was keeping all the freedom in mind. All my mind could think of speaking the word on various issues and all that my little brain could come up on soceity and all. This was when i had a link on rediffblogs. its still there. Shruti i guess you would knwo if you read the same.

Later on i was convinced that there were many who could do what i set out to do and they were good at it. I always suffered from tis block when i sat with the keyboard to write and all. Writing about my self was the only option left. What my thoughts, Feelings were. The darker, saner(sometimes) part of my life which a lot of you knew or didnt know.

Now am at the cross roads again? whcih side should i go. Does sticking somewhere in the middle justified…

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