Pay Taxes …. Get your house demolished

A lot has been said and done by a lot of people as well as the judiciary and for a lazy mind like mine it just woke up now and something struck me while going in the bus to work

Arent the slums of Mumbai and Maharashtra as a whole are covered by something called the slum regulaisations some thing whereby all structures prior to 1995 are regularised though they started of illegally. Why the sudden difference of opinion when it comes to the buildings of Ulhasnagar. A lot of them are illegal and also they must have be built before 1995 therefore they should have been regularised.

However they are not slums, they are buildings they are houses of people who pay taxes, people who have no idea what is happening to the idiotic shitheads in the govt. Maybe they built their lands on private govt land. Maybe they built on land that didnt belong to them, so have the slum guys but their houses buy votes so regularise them.

That is the end of my thoughts on the same

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