Moral Policia – Freedom of Expression @ risk

Its funny but nothing ruffles more feathers around the country than a person who wants to execise his/her freedom of expression. Its fine if you do anything other than their version of the truth. Live you life as they want you too.

Am talking about the so called moral police that has started rising its ugly face around this time. Its a people that roams in the darksness hissing and cussing and plotting against people who are hell bent on living their lives as they want to and not according to teh so called right that is taught by these numbheads.

So an actress said you should hope that your spouse neednt be a virgin. That somehow created a huge furow such that innocent folks started getting persecution on the streets. Which century are we living in people.

There are tons of corruption, and other serious things that these guys should be worried about but they put their energy into this. How stupid can u get dumbnuts!!!!!

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