Monthly Archives: November 2005

A new journey

Its funny when you move from one job to another. Its like one day you have a job, the next momemt you dont and then you a job again. You wonder when the gaping hole in your life will end (meaning the time from job 1 to 2).

Its easy when ure a fresher you dont mind the job and you wanna start right now. Though as you go ahead it becomes really hard to leave and start something else. A friend of mine told me that we are all afraid of change thats how we doing like to leave i guess its something else. Or it all the same.


Untitled #3

I was waiting for my company bus the other day and saw on the other side of the street a pretty looking thing, dressed in a smart looking suit and trousers she was handing out small cards bearing something. I assume to be some kind of work from your home thing or something. May be but then may be not.

A whole lot of people who passed by her took it, some happily some grudgingly (reason i dont know) and some just like a hand doling out goodies.

Dont know if the majority of the people who took it even read it, was it in the language that they understood. etc etc.


Untitled #1

Got me a brand new pc. well some of it was old ok just the cd drive. but the rest new. Started playing half life. Some folks know well if you dont here it is
Half life is a game that had taken the gaming arena by storm when it came out in the last talking about the 1998-99 times.
HL 2 which released sometime back takes off where the last one left off. Gordon Freeman to the rescue again!!!!! Talk about a MIT scientist doing all that
This time the enemies are new but the energy is raw..
The thing that excites is that it isint the shoot em up game around, you need to know whatcha doing when you do something in HL, one false move and you cud end up playing the same round over and over again.