An Interesting Incident.

An Interesting incident happened today that seemed to put a lot of thoughts in my brain today.

Was going to work and therefore caught a bus near my place. The bus had barely gone 50 yards that it broken down. It just wont start. the people though would not get out for reasons unknown. Finally a few of us just got down. The conductor said lets push the damm thing maybe it will start. So a few souls including me started pushing but it just wont budge. Why ? Because all the people are inside and dont wanna get out.

The conductor yelled and they started getting down and the bus started movin… Voila….Suddenly the women started jumping in the bus wildly so that they could get their prized seats in the now empty bus. Many other passengers who had got down realised they could also get some seats jumped in and the bus stopped. It never moved.

Conclusions are open

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