Monthly Archives: August 2005

Plastic Banned Ahoy!!!

Finally they banned them plastics. I guess by the time it takes for the government to listen i guess we should start any good work like years in advance.

Well finally they came through. but are they gonna implement it. I guess its a no.

But then some the blame of da blame rests of da citizens of this city and suburbia.

If you dont use plastic.. no one is gonna stock em .. simple rules of demand and supply.


Mosh Mania 2005 – New Favorites …..

No sight of the ID rock concert 2 days before the ID day… but mosh mania was happeneing.. Postphoned by some days it was a be there event.

After the anger/dejection at Mood I last year, thought this event would be different and it really was. Made new favorites, dumped some old ones and saw some good looking chicks.
The chicks were different though not the ones that we use to see earlier.. they use to listen to the songs.. they knew the lyrics and knew the bands…now it looks they come for the cool quotient.
BandsHelga’s Funk Castle…
We reached late so caught the ending of a song by them (original). The last song which is when we go in… This was a reggae song… I was like what the hell.. and man was i proved wrong..the song titled “Smoke some ganga tonight” was a hit and how.. hehe… Loved every part of it… That creativity made it enter Zach’s fav list of bands…of very own mumbai…
Headbangd till my neck hurt to its mettallica medley when they won Mood I 2003.. this looked the exact opposite to it. They played slayer etc some good moshpits .. but werent really class.. Not that i wanted covers which they played but i wanted them to be creative.. that they werent..playing the same old riffs and some more old riffs..
Them Clones
Now they rocked… Rage Against the machine is a hit any was no different.. Killing in da name of Gurrilla Radio.. . They started with Stupify by Disturbed.which got the crowd moshing for more…they went on to do some originals which i have clue but rocked on da same anyways.
(new favorite no 2)
For the uniniated this Pin Drop Violence, tis a band i have come close to breakign my neck head banging and n da mosh pit.. but they disappointed ,, i guess they were good .. just am too old ,,,
so they played fr 45 minutes and left
Without warrren its like …zero only 25%. they played their same old same old, which is good i must say but without warren.. its really not the same PSP12, Lucy, Mariache… all good but all 25% zero. the new guitarist was wow but .. not warren
Didnt really want to wait here. left after they played DRIVE.