Last Few Days!!

The last few days have been hectic to say the least. Request, deadlines and the whole thing. btw the last post was sometime back but i couldnt publish it and therefore it is a little post dated. On the comment would say that was from the CET exams and not the Mcom exams. Apparently the university says that i cannot apply for this year and i have to take admission for next year.
I saw the movie "Be Cool" which was pretty cool. John Travolta and Uma Thurman together after "Pulp Fiction". Not that i saw that movie but tis cool.
That about ends the good part.
Here is a question which anyone reading may answer if they read that is – Do i have to canvass myself on what a good job i do or do others should notice that themselves.
A lot of the things that i do get noticed by the mails that i see going forth but never me in the picture. What should i do then?? Talk that i did a that job etc etc.
A friend commented that i should be not be working so hard while some pass an indirect comment that i should be working …..since they think i am not.
End of ranting about me sorrows.

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