Monthly Archives: April 2005

Some Stupid Thoughts

Some times you wonder, what if i leave off a little let life move me as it goes through its tides. What i mean is enjoy life what have we done if we havent lived. then again will i be left behind when the train of oppurtunity comes. tis a bid irony of life. Maybe not for you though its sure is for me.
There was a speech or write up which is circulating among everyone that working late hours and on sundays does not mean you are working hard. It means that you are inefficent and unworthy. But whatif the work cannot be done in the usual time frame set and someone just does not say anything about that. When people want work to be done then they should understand the fact that if the people are working over the set time then probably they are just trying to get it doen anyway. Maybe some spoilt fruit may have brought out this theory.
Have been reading some James Patteron lately, the mans a genius "Roses are Red" which apparantly i was a little shy to carry around in the train lest i been seen as reading a chicks book but it was a really cool book. The sequeal "Violets are Blue" is also an absolute beauty.
A neighbour asked me today when he saw the guitar lying at my place if i played for a band or something, said just among friends.
Maybe we should have formed sinurge   thats what we called our band me and rama, actually it was he who came up with the idea about the band. The urge to sin is what he called it. Dunno what would have happened if we went ahead and had done that.


Last Few Days!!

The last few days have been hectic to say the least. Request, deadlines and the whole thing. btw the last post was sometime back but i couldnt publish it and therefore it is a little post dated. On the comment would say that was from the CET exams and not the Mcom exams. Apparently the university says that i cannot apply for this year and i have to take admission for next year.
I saw the movie "Be Cool" which was pretty cool. John Travolta and Uma Thurman together after "Pulp Fiction". Not that i saw that movie but tis cool.
That about ends the good part.
Here is a question which anyone reading may answer if they read that is – Do i have to canvass myself on what a good job i do or do others should notice that themselves.
A lot of the things that i do get noticed by the mails that i see going forth but never me in the picture. What should i do then?? Talk that i did a that job etc etc.
A friend commented that i should be not be working so hard while some pass an indirect comment that i should be working …..since they think i am not.
End of ranting about me sorrows.