There comes a time when i slump in a mood where i can write but cannot title it. Strange dont ya think but then who cares if i can or if i dont.

A strange feeling i have had.!!

Not that this is new. I have had tis thing its been there but it coming to my head is not good.

Here goes eh story.

Have you seen that you have the best times with your friend or someoen you like then things fall apart. This happens when you feelin when you are at the zenith and no higher can you go. This starts teh downward spiral.

It is always said that whenever you end up fixing one part of your life, another one has to start breaking up into pieces. It’s kinda funny how you think it happens all the time, i.e you are always trying to fix up things all the time, and in the end you get so really messed up that you wonder if you should just go ahead living the ways the mess is at now.

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