Monthly Archives: September 2004

Many eons back i thought that i would write a book…

Many eons back i thought that i would write a book on women(yeah rite) .. now was i mad .. dropped on my head when i born or something a book on women.. is crazy.. it would be a never ending book with no conclusions…


Another weekend

Another week goes by… today got a shock ma error count has just jumped to 3.25 which is really not good for me. Well i have like somewhat less deals to do and therefore cannot work with a high err count. well it irks me i check ma deals twice and then if someone can still make mistakes i might just be a lousy analyst. I hate myself on this.

sometimes i wonder sometimes what do i do.. Concentrate u idiot.. work harder. It seems funny but it aint and i have to devise some way to reduce this permanently.

I have been always the best. This abnormality has cropeed back just sometime back.

Need to rectify before it builds up and washes down everything that i ever took pains to built on……..

Another 3 day weekend

Another 3 day weekend but for me tis maybe just a day or two.. lolz 😦