Shift change

Ah Shift Change finally after 3 months of torture of the morning shift, i have changed to the afternoon one; doesnt make a shit of a difference though is the good night sleep and no makeshift sleepovers in the train.

Well to say it has started off at a good pace, ma error count is down, way down and that makes me suspect that i am counting ma chickens before they hatch, not that i love doing them – i hate to do them errors but i have no clue how they arise in ther first place, maybe just need to be that care ful from now on and here it is error count has started coming up.

Well the headline of the week was my arguement with Ms.G. Now i dont know how it all started and i dont have a clue where it is but the status is that we arent talking. “A” called up today which was a particularly good sign because well she doubles up as my shrink as much to my good friend.

Well on the whole the week has proceeded in an orderly fashion except the a tiny bit of stupdity on my part. Anyways that can be worked upon soon and soon could be a few minutes from now.. Guess i get back to ma work before someone checks up on what i have done for the day..lolzz

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