Monthly Archives: August 2004

The 70’s Show

Hangin out … down the street .. the same old thing .. we did last week..

Song from the great old “The 70’s Show”. Well if there are any readers to this blog which is highly suspect and if there is who is not indian would say, “Seen this like eons ago”, well we get it late so .. i guess after next week’s fianale on “The king of Queens ” i would get to see it.. lol been sometime since i have seen this.

In college we used to call Ano as Kelso and his girlfriend likewise, it was fun man … well ano showed a lot of similiarities with Kelso , I was eric (why i dont have a clue). Well that brings to mind the loads of fun we had in college, need a reunion with those guys.

Well not that i like college a lot but looking back now its was much better than what some others kids went too


Empty Head:- Empty Life

Tis the day i dreaded, i had some free time to wonder what i am doing
with my life, lol something i hate to do. Well the other day my mother
pointed to some past aspects of my life, my never say die attitude in
sports basically football and basketball; my performance in the
interschool basketball championship where i played my heart out. She
said if i could give something like 80 % of what i gave that time now,
things would have been much better.

It hit me. Its true over the years have lost that spirit


As the ozzy song “Changes” goes , i am going thru changes, i guess yesterday seems so far away and tomorrow seems like something i wanna run away from.

The same things that i enjoyed sometime back feel like like an old sore.

Guess it occurs to everyone someday…………

Just another Weekend

It seems like just another weekend, am at work on a saturday but hey i came to play football at the cross maiden so that was cool. We did play but not against the team that were scheduled.

ID Rock Postphoned In what appears to be every …

ID Rock Postphoned

In what appears to be every rockers nighmare and definatly mine, ID ROCK HAS BEEN POSTPHONED

ID Rock Ahoy!!!!The Annual Pilgirmage to the place…

ID Rock Ahoy!!!!

The Annual Pilgirmage to the place is upon now as Id Rock is here. Independence Rock on the 14 and the 15 will surely be different this time, because it is moving from its normal place of Rang Bhavan and is some where at Andheri,

Shift change

Ah Shift Change finally after 3 months of torture of the morning shift, i have changed to the afternoon one; doesnt make a shit of a difference though is the good night sleep and no makeshift sleepovers in the train.

Well to say it has started off at a good pace, ma error count is down, way down and that makes me suspect that i am counting ma chickens before they hatch, not that i love doing them – i hate to do them errors but i have no clue how they arise in ther first place, maybe just need to be that care ful from now on and here it is error count has started coming up.

Well the headline of the week was my arguement with Ms.G. Now i dont know how it all started and i dont have a clue where it is but the status is that we arent talking. “A” called up today which was a particularly good sign because well she doubles up as my shrink as much to my good friend.

Well on the whole the week has proceeded in an orderly fashion except the a tiny bit of stupdity on my part. Anyways that can be worked upon soon and soon could be a few minutes from now.. Guess i get back to ma work before someone checks up on what i have done for the day..lolzz