Beckam-Idoit on the loose

England vs Portugal – Seemed to be a tough match but an exicting
match, though i was sure that England would win the match. I had to
see the match but work at 6.00 am i knew would ruin my hope of
watching the match i knew. But i had decided to watch the match and i
had a plan; Sleep from 6.00 pm to 9.30 pm eat sleep again till 12.15
am, watch the match and sleep till 4. That was ma plan but as most of
ma plans go i knew it would go awry. And it did “Murphys law” still
works. I didnt sleep till around 8.00 pm though i tried, i slept till
10.00 got up took a shower and ate, slept till 12.18.

The Match
The match had started, 3 minutes had gone and Owen scored a goal right
when i got up and watched the TV. I was estatic. Got out of bed and
jumped in glory, then the english game detioriated, passes going
nowhere, shots completely over target and what not.. Half time and
England up 1 goal. Then i SLEPT. Hoping to just laze around till the
start i slept.. got up when the first half and 3/4 of the second half
of extra time over couldnt belive ma eyes 2:1 in favour of Portugal,
wow i said but then Lampard scored again, the second time i got up
and they scored…hehe too much imagination here and the game went to
Penalties..I was on call with ma friend.. at 2.50 am in the morning,

The Penalties
Penalties are a luck game, not the goalkeepers luck,, its always the
misforture of the player taking it and the last person in the world
who i hoped to take the penalty took to the goal..Beckam…

It was a disaster… with ma hands to ma mouth couldnt believe England
had lost.. it was ma friends time to celebrate and she did…… had
to accept it..defeat..thought to catch hold of that idoit and ……

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