Insanily Musings II

As said by me earlier the week started off on a good note i must say
ligtened up a little bit but monday nite damped things a little bit,
dont ask me why!!!! though i guess now i feel a little alright..A
songs coming thru ma head its from the band Coors , “What can i do”.

Anyway. just had a thought yesterday that made me think, not that i
dont think at other times just a thought that came thru.

There is thought i wanna say but i cant for fear of others knowing it
and although not many read it it still those who read might just pick
up the pieces and put the story together, questions about which i
might not be in a position to answer.

Well i wonder should i go to writing the way i used to write before
about the governement, and all the lame things happening around and
not about ma life in general. The reason i had some thoughts of mine
till around i started writing, then everything just vanished away.

Well i guess enough musings for now, i thought i would write on
something that i had ma head on till a few minutes now but i have
written all but about it..

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