ALIBAUG…Here we Come!!

After deliberating and putting off the hike for like weeks and the subsequent works , hike was scheduled on the night of Friday, 11 June to Alibaug, The Women in fact later decided that they wanted to come and the blame was on us that we kinda steamrolled all team picnic plans and went ahead with a boys overnight hike, Well all said and done we were doing!!!!…..Ketan the king had arranged everything where we had to go so said and done we decided that we leave friday

night 2225 hrs. But we hadn’t thought abt !!!!!!Harshit!!!!!!!

Bombay Central @ 21 45 hrs

Although the time was set we all understand the schedule of Indian stretchable Time and therefore no one came on the time decided between 21 30 and 21 50. Even i didn’t make it though buying salami and tandoori is allowed as an excuse for arriving late. Well all people made it to the station…. All but one and that would be harshit. No one till date knows why he was late though there are a lot of explanations … 😉 The Dude calls us and tells us he is catching a train off ADH at 22.00 hrs and the bus leaves at 22.25. Though ST buses are not known for the Scheduled Departure, Murphy’s law would work exactly at that moment. They would leave at the right time. And the best part HE’S GOT THE TICKETS. First Thought who in hell gave him the tickets,,,,,,

As said about Murphy law the bus was on track at 22.15 and announcements were being made abt it scheduled departure from lounge 3. The bus left without us obviously. Now the tough part what to do??? Cancellation wasn’t really possible though somehow we got the tickets to another bus at 1.00 am. Wow . then Mr. Late Latif walks in … a 2 dozen bananas in his hands…Kelawala!!!!!!!

Not Knowing what to do at the bus terminal, we started a round of cricket and musica (crappy but who cares!!!). Finally the bus arrived at 0.15 hrs in the morning and we were on the way.

The Journey

The journey was 3 hrs long and before long half the guys were fast asleep. The remaining though nothing but food . so we unloaded out tandoori, the chicken salami so sprite and other beverages and passed the journey hours sometimes joking mostly though blabbering insane thoughts and trying to wake up the other guys particularly HARSHIT. IQ who was calling himself the “insomniac” actually slept most of the part other times was begging for some chocolates. George had some funny moments after the chocolate wot with the beverages, the cold air and the chocolates making a heady concoction.

— More coming up

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