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Beckam-Idoit on the loose

England vs Portugal – Seemed to be a tough match but an exicting
match, though i was sure that England would win the match. I had to
see the match but work at 6.00 am i knew would ruin my hope of
watching the match i knew. But i had decided to watch the match and i
had a plan; Sleep from 6.00 pm to 9.30 pm eat sleep again till 12.15
am, watch the match and sleep till 4. That was ma plan but as most of
ma plans go i knew it would go awry. And it did “Murphys law” still
works. I didnt sleep till around 8.00 pm though i tried, i slept till
10.00 got up took a shower and ate, slept till 12.18.

The Match
The match had started, 3 minutes had gone and Owen scored a goal right
when i got up and watched the TV. I was estatic. Got out of bed and
jumped in glory, then the english game detioriated, passes going
nowhere, shots completely over target and what not.. Half time and
England up 1 goal. Then i SLEPT. Hoping to just laze around till the
start i slept.. got up when the first half and 3/4 of the second half
of extra time over couldnt belive ma eyes 2:1 in favour of Portugal,
wow i said but then Lampard scored again, the second time i got up
and they scored…hehe too much imagination here and the game went to
Penalties..I was on call with ma friend.. at 2.50 am in the morning,

The Penalties
Penalties are a luck game, not the goalkeepers luck,, its always the
misforture of the player taking it and the last person in the world
who i hoped to take the penalty took to the goal..Beckam…

It was a disaster… with ma hands to ma mouth couldnt believe England
had lost.. it was ma friends time to celebrate and she did…… had
to accept it..defeat..thought to catch hold of that idoit and ……


Insanily Musings II

As said by me earlier the week started off on a good note i must say
ligtened up a little bit but monday nite damped things a little bit,
dont ask me why!!!! though i guess now i feel a little alright..A
songs coming thru ma head its from the band Coors , “What can i do”.

Anyway. just had a thought yesterday that made me think, not that i
dont think at other times just a thought that came thru.

There is thought i wanna say but i cant for fear of others knowing it
and although not many read it it still those who read might just pick
up the pieces and put the story together, questions about which i
might not be in a position to answer.

Well i wonder should i go to writing the way i used to write before
about the governement, and all the lame things happening around and
not about ma life in general. The reason i had some thoughts of mine
till around i started writing, then everything just vanished away.

Well i guess enough musings for now, i thought i would write on
something that i had ma head on till a few minutes now but i have
written all but about it..

Insanily Musings

This week it started on a very different mood, nah my error count
didnt improve sometthing else happened on monday that has far reaching
effects, well it isnt really a very good thing, though i dont know it
kinda lightened up things a lil bit

Another Week

The Weekend is over, and an another week down the usual trail ..

ALIBAUG…Here we Come!!

After deliberating and putting off the hike for like weeks and the subsequent works , hike was scheduled on the night of Friday, 11 June to Alibaug, The Women in fact later decided that they wanted to come and the blame was on us that we kinda steamrolled all team picnic plans and went ahead with a boys overnight hike, Well all said and done we were doing!!!!…..Ketan the king had arranged everything where we had to go so said and done we decided that we leave friday

night 2225 hrs. But we hadn’t thought abt !!!!!!Harshit!!!!!!!

Bombay Central @ 21 45 hrs

Although the time was set we all understand the schedule of Indian stretchable Time and therefore no one came on the time decided between 21 30 and 21 50. Even i didn’t make it though buying salami and tandoori is allowed as an excuse for arriving late. Well all people made it to the station…. All but one and that would be harshit. No one till date knows why he was late though there are a lot of explanations … 😉 The Dude calls us and tells us he is catching a train off ADH at 22.00 hrs and the bus leaves at 22.25. Though ST buses are not known for the Scheduled Departure, Murphy’s law would work exactly at that moment. They would leave at the right time. And the best part HE’S GOT THE TICKETS. First Thought who in hell gave him the tickets,,,,,,

As said about Murphy law the bus was on track at 22.15 and announcements were being made abt it scheduled departure from lounge 3. The bus left without us obviously. Now the tough part what to do??? Cancellation wasn’t really possible though somehow we got the tickets to another bus at 1.00 am. Wow . then Mr. Late Latif walks in … a 2 dozen bananas in his hands…Kelawala!!!!!!!

Not Knowing what to do at the bus terminal, we started a round of cricket and musica (crappy but who cares!!!). Finally the bus arrived at 0.15 hrs in the morning and we were on the way.

The Journey

The journey was 3 hrs long and before long half the guys were fast asleep. The remaining though nothing but food . so we unloaded out tandoori, the chicken salami so sprite and other beverages and passed the journey hours sometimes joking mostly though blabbering insane thoughts and trying to wake up the other guys particularly HARSHIT. IQ who was calling himself the “insomniac” actually slept most of the part other times was begging for some chocolates. George had some funny moments after the chocolate wot with the beverages, the cold air and the chocolates making a heady concoction.

— More coming up

Cheap PuBlicity .. Shitty Publicity

I thought i would avoid politics cause there is nothing more grosse than the sight of politicians (even grosser than carcasses) !! But and article on a website has made me do it,

here is the link to it, Check it out…

Man i have heard folks doing somethng for cheap publicity but this goes beyond all lows, The party has gone so low.. that how low is relative

Nothing At all

Am tryin to post since last acouple of days but havent been able to do anything, since ma mind just stops thinking abt anything about the blog.

i had a gd and a pi yes for ma


New Week and starts where the earlier left, Lousy.

Well the last didnt end the way it just was going downhill from the word GO.

F&*@ing Fed up

As i sad the week had started off, now its not only getting worse … am getting fed up, Its been 5 months now since i joined here and now the strains are now showing…

They say know when you are being used cause they are gonna throw you like a eaten mango……..

Bad Beginings

Long weekend is over now its back to work, but the week has started on a wrong note and am not not so sure how its gonna go!!!!!

Well i started to do a couple of things now they went down, Somehow the begining of week normally sets how they will go..

To top this i have a GD and PI for a BusinessSchool program and i havent starte preparations for it, God only knows how i am gonna get into one. On the good side of last week i saw the movie “The Day after Tomorrow”, Wonderfull movie just goes to remind ya that u screw with nature, it will screw you so bad you hope you see the day after tomorrow.

Am seeing Harry porter this week, Wow thats like 3 to four movies in a month. Compared to what i was watching before which was near zilch for sometime tis is good.