Shifts .. @#$%

The new Shifts have started and i look like a Zombie. Its not the problem of the shift just that i have so much else to do too, and never end up gettin the reqd sleep to do the same.

But hey getting up at 4.00 am sure is fun, i look out of my window the chowkidar trying hard to stay awake and failing miserably in it, the yellow tainted roads (from the sulphur gas lights on the street), the trees with the yellow , black tang and the sweet sounds of the night by the birds, a lone dog wandering of the street all look so serene, the best of all is the calmness seems to drive anyone wild, insane because of the noise and madness of the awake world.

As i walk the street down to take the bus down on the main road, the scene changes minute by minute, my street looks so deserted, but the way to the main road is slightly more bright since it is dawned by white flouroscent lights, the chowkidars in the adjacant complex more awake than mine and people on the street, and the buses on their normal routine.

Like the Big Brother City Mumbai , i guess Thane too does not sleep though it does catch a few winks here and there, atleast in the city that is.

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