Hey!!! Its been a long time since last posts, the …

Hey!!! Its been a long time since last posts, the new bloggers template kicks some real ass!!!! .. Check out mine new one, i find this among the best of them all, though the same couldnt be said abt the blog or ma life.

Life has been tumultous all this while and since maybe last 2 weeks i have Queen ‘s ” I want to break Free” song on list everytime i enter ma home. Even Desperado by Eagles has found time on ma playlist.

I am out of words every time i think of posting.

Last night when i returned home there was a package for me, ma mobile bill. Thats wasnt a good sight the bill damm… but its seemed heavier than usual. On opening i find there is a privilages package in it, WoW i say .. WOW again…..

The pack had this book of priviliges which has a lot of discounts and stuff, It shows these glossy pics of Bombay and it’s beaches and star hotels and stuff like that that … looks very enchanting to a non mumbaite….

Today morning i took the 11.55 fast train to work, and reaching the CST station(i call it VT still) i saw some really poor guys trying to smoke some nasty stuff up their nostrils… just to stay away from the pain ( thats what ma mind could think of ). Why the GAP …

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